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Coming Summer of 2017: Halfling and adjunct curriculum for homeschoolers

As a librarian, I see many students who are home educated come in to the library as part of their schooling. I wrote Halfling for many reasons, but one was to help inspire youth who may wish to become writers or give voice to a child who is undergoing many of the same issues in their life as the main character, Remmi.

So, by mid-Summer 2017 we hope to release Halfling : The Curriculum for Homeschoolers.

Included will be lesson plans, assignments and external links to educate and inspire budding authors. We will look at dreams, the art of writing a creative story and character development.  Since Halfling is written as a fantasy novel but has many contemporary themes, there will be plenty of discussion points that tie in current events with the storyline.

If you are interested in being a “test pilot” for Halfling use the contact form below.

We are seeking ten (or so) homeschoolers to review the curriculum and help us to tweak it!

Thanks so much!