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New: Halfling, Fantasy #YA Novel, Book Club Discussion Questions

I hope that you enjoyed reading Halfling. These questions are created to keep the conversation going about Remmi and her quests. Use the comment section below to add any questions or thoughts you may have, as well!

Questions to stimulate a book club conversation for the 
young adult novel, Halfling


  1. Remmi initially didn’t want to befriend Jenna because she was Penumbran, a race that oppressed her kind. Are there people you have known who you were initially hesitant to befriend because of race, religion, or other differences? Why?
  2. Halflings in Remmi’s world are not only mind-drained but forbidden to get an education. Can you think of any real-world examples, either historical or in our present day, where individuals have been denied this basic right? How does this make you feel?
  3. Remmi came to the defense of a drone that she later learned had been a murderer. A life sentence as a mind-drained drone was his punishment. Do you think such a punishment was fair? Can it be called “justice” if he doesn’t have any recollection of his crimes?
  4. What advice do you think Remmi would give her younger self?
  5. How would you compare Remmi from Halfling with the popular JK Rowling protagonist, Harry Potter?
  6.  Dreams are a huge part of the Halfling story.  What role do you believe dreams play in our lives, if any?
  7. Describe Halfling in three hashtags?  Describe Remmi in three hashtags?

An intelligent book with a strong theme of resilience and love-2

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